Hello and welcome,

John Wrightson

My name is John Wrightson marketing entrepreneur for over 10 years now. I live in the United Kingdom near London I created this blog to help others learn the basics of marketing online and creating an online business or presence.

What can I say about myself?

Ok, well I’m a professional by trade, I’ve worked in and around Heathrow Airport in London for about 25 years now. But I’m now planning on taking early retirement this year or early next year. I’m an internet marketer and entrepreneur, I love to travel have seen the world now plan to live in the Pacific Islands and buy a villa there, this has been my dream for many years. Now my dream has become reality, never give up on your dreams always work to make them happen it’s what keeps us going.

My main business is drop-shipping, eCommerce store for fashionable brands. My business opportunity is an affiliate branding and marketing system which is called 25Dollar1up allows you to brand yourself while teaching you how to earn commissions daily learn more click here:

25D1up= 100+ pre written ads and headlines with a marketing system that does all the selling and telling, that absolutely gets you results fast.